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zxb.red FAQ

What is zxb.red?
A privacy-aware no-frills link shortener.

How do I get a password?
Donate 2.500 EUR to me, this will cover my lawyer's fees in case you abuse this service. Don't forget to post your mail address to the payment to I can send you the password.

How can I limit the validity of links?
Pick a date from the date picker, and the shortlink will only be redirected until the end of the day you picked.

How do I report a technical problem?
Write to info@zxb.red and describe the problem with all steps necessary to reproduce.

How can I send you money?
Donate here or paypal to paypal@zxb.red. Thanks.

How can I demand new features?
Mail to info@zxb.red.

Does sending you money accelerate the decision to implement new features?
Maybe, but not guaranteed. Depends on the money and the feature.



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